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Power Engineering
High Voltage

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KUVAG has been the right contact for insulation products in the high-voltage segment for many years. With customer-specific components for switchgears, transformers, cable industry and other electrical systems, KUVAG covers a spectrum of voltage levels from 72.5 kV to 800 kV. KUVAG products meet the highest quality standards and guarantee smooth operation of countless installations and thus a problem-free power supply for many millions of customers around the world.

As a one-stop shop, KUVAG often supplies all the insulation products of an electrical system, such as insulators produced by vacuum casting, vacuum impregnation and filament winding. In our laboratories, we develop epoxy resin systems and composites with specific properties for our customers. Our development expertise enables the rapid and cost-efficient production of innovative products.

Particularly in the high-voltage segments, personal and operational safety have absolute priority. This is why KUVAG places great emphasis on process stability and reliability, and for this purpose intensive quality assurance tests are carried out. Numerous well-known global players in the electrical industry rely on KUVAG products and technologies.