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Erfahrung im Dienst unserer Kunden

1979KUVAG was established in Austria and commenced production of Epoxy insulators for medium voltage applications


A subsidiary was established in Nepomuk, Czech Republic
1994KUVAG became a member of the Tierenberg holding as a step towards expansion of the group
1995KUVAG acquired ELIN Plastics Factory in Vienna which resulted in the expansion of our product spectrum by adding Composite products
1996KUVAG developed and manufactured its AXXIS pressure gelation units which gave our group a technological leadership in the branch
1997Establishment of the joint venture KUVAG Xiamen, China, to develop the rapidly growing Chinese market
2000Enhanced competences in High voltage products, and expanded the factory to 5000 m2
2003Built a new Vacuum casting production line for High voltage insulators
2008KUVAG was acquired by EUCOMA-Holding GmbH, a private investment and management firm based in Vienna
2009New start-up and commissioning of the new KUVAG (Xiamen) electrical Technology LTd. Co.  China
2010KUVAG acquired a majority stake in Xperion Isola GmbH (later KUVAG Isola GmbH) and bundled the Composites production and activities in Düren, Germany
2011Implemented a new Vacuum casting production line in Xiamen for high voltage insulators
2013Expanded production area in Nepomuk, and enlarged the medium voltage production area
2015Built a new production facility for SMC and BMC in Düren, Germany
2016Expanded the production area in Düren to 15000m2; started production of sheet wound tubes with Phenolic epoxy
Acquisition of the “SIMOTEC Product Line” from Lapp /Pfisterer Group