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Guiding principles

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Guiding principles

Reliability and trust

In all our activities, we place the highest value on integrity and reliability. The confidence of our customers makes us the leading supplier in the markets we operate. We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers and support them in achieving their goals.
Many of our customers work in technologically and commercially sensitive fields where a reliable partner is an essential component of success. Therefore, we create for our highly qualified team, an environment where they can fully develop their skills.

Customer focus and flexibility

The fulfillment of customer needs is the focus of our actions. Our goal is to help customers in implementing their projects; be it the development of prototypes, manufacturing of small series or efficient large-scale production, and finally, tailor-made logistics concepts. Our customers always have direct access to KUVAG contacts, our development engineers, who best know our products and options. Whether in development, procurement or manufacturing process, our focus is always directed towards the satisfaction of customer’s expectations.

State-of-the-art technology and quality

Only the very best. Therefore, we commit to the highest standards in quality, reliability, service and customer orientation as well as latest technology and innovation. We see it as our task to constantly develop the technological standards in our processes and improve service to our customers.
All locations are 9001 EN ISO: 2009 certified; additionally, we meet numerous international norms and Standards.Also part of our comprehensive quality management system is the structured internal communication channel, continuous implementation of corporate objectives combined with regular training and evaluation of our team and their work Environment.

Focus on core competencies

With a broad portfolio of customized insulation materials and manufacturing techniques, we produce high-quality technical and economically optimized products of medium and high voltage needs.
We draw on many years of experience from the most demanding challenges that we have successfully resolved.
Through targeted acquisitions and ongoing internal development and innovation, we seek to broaden the range of our options for customers. And lastly, we remain true to our core competency, i.e Insulators