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A-4720 Neumarkt

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Passion for Insulation

As an innovative high-end technological group, KUVAG has been developing, manufacturing and selling insulating products and components in the fields of electrical engineering, traffic engineering and various industrial fields for more than 40 years.

KUVAG has developed a broad portfolio of technologies, materials and solutions, which are linked to numerous applications for providing innovative solutions.
With custom-designed insulation products, KUVAG currently holds a leading international position and always strives to not only meet the high expectations of it’s customer’s performance, quality and delivery, but to exceed them.

KUVAG creates value through innovative products that enhance the competitiveness of it’s customers.
The development of high-tech products is a strategic core activity at KUVAG. Our inter-disciplinary teams work alongside our customers, with the aim to develop a tailor-made solution vis a vis thier requirements and to ensure a competitive product cost with efficient serial production.