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KUVAG (Xiamen) Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.
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PrePreg Winding

The term "PrePreg Winding" refers to a cloth winding process for the production of high performance composite tubes. The raw material such as glass, cotton, paper and other synthetic fibers, is pre-impregnated with an epoxy, phenolic or melamine resin and wound in layers on a rotationally symmetric mandrel. The winding of fiber composites are used for the manufacturing of cylindrical components that require high mechanical properties and low component mass. The good electrical insulating properties of our glass fiber pre-preg material or the self-lubricant properties of our cotton fiber pre-preg material are used in the medium voltage and different industrial applications. 

Due to the 40 years of experience of KUVAG, it is possible to fulfill our customers' desires, from the selection of materials through the dimensioning and design of the components to the single-item and series production. The wide range of available mandrels from 2.4 mm to 1.400 mm inner diameter and usable tube lengths up to 2.500 mm offers a wide range of different dimensions.